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Monday, 8 April 2013

TP Mini Album - MY MEMORIES -

 Hai and Assalamualaikum.....

Last Saturday just starting my TP mini album and guest what, it's already finish on Sunday morning. Almost one day to finish this mini album. So excited. Don't know what to do with it yet. Either for contest or for something else. 

My MEMORIES - TP Mini Album

Front page look

Back Cover

Crazy ribbons for the fancy look 

From this side.

1st page

2nd page

Small DIY paper flower

Page 3

Page 4: With small tag

Grrr up side down. Really don't know how to rotate using this  blog.... By the way this is Page 5.

DIY Red Rose paper flower

This is my last page. Still don't know how to rotate this pic using this blog. Please and please help me guys...

Every page have this small tags both side

Hope you all like it, because I know I do like it so much... Maybe I used it for Crafty Fiez 1st GIVEAWAY or if you guys really like it I can just sell it. ^_^

So for any suggestions just comment down below and just let me know. I will give the answer for the most comments that you guys suggest. And we will wait and see what's the answer.... 

Happy crafting you guys..... Love Scrapbooking....



  1. memang give me a good idea...nak try buat sendiri nak buat hadiah for my friend....

  2. Thanks cik kaki ketawe... nie pun dapat idea dr crafter luar negara.... :)