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Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Morning guys..... 

So today is last day for Crafty Fiez 1st GIVEAWAY... So excited.... For others that not join yet Crafty Fiez 1st GIVEAWAY you guys still have time. And for those that already join Crafty Fiez 1st GIVEAWAY, thank a lot and wish you all good luck. This GA will valid until 12.00am (midnight). One more good news, the winner will be announced at 16 MAY 2013 that will be tomorrow at 9.00am. Hope the winner will give feedback as soon as possible so that i can post the gift in the afternoon. Thanks again and good luck guys..... 

Happy Crafting.... ^_^


  1. excited nak hadiah... hehehe... hope ade rezeki, teringin nak berkrafting jugak.... hehe

  2. In syaa ALLAH.... Good luck untuk esok hari... :) Enjoy crafting kan....

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  4. Good luck.... kena la ikt semua syarat in syaa ALLAH berpeluang menang :)